Pinterest, Shminterest?

So we gave in, yes another social networking site.  Well, we didn’t want to feel left out, and in principle Pinterest sounds pretty tempting.

The genius concept encourages you pin images to online ‘mood boards’ to share with active worldwide users. I love mood boards as much as the next female, mid twenties, hopeful London artist; but something is telling me I’ll be planning my wedding board (I am not engaged) into the early hours if I’m not careful.  It’s a novel idea, that might put an end to countless bookmarks on your toolbar, and in theory keep all your ideas for that ‘project you’ve been meaning to start’ in one place.  Here are some beautiful images, from fine art, to maps and illustration that I’ve pinned on our new Globe Inspiration Board

 Oops is it 2 o’clock already?

You can find us at Bellerby Globemakers on Pinterest 

“I am ready to meet my Maker…” Our Churchill globe is underway!

Bellerby Globemakers introduce our Churchill piece; an impressive 5 ft high, fifty inches wide, freestanding titanic of a globe. This limited edition piece has been inspired by the globes that were presented to Winston Churchill and Franklin D Roosevelt, by George Marshall – then US Army Chief of Staff – during World War II.  The considerable pieces were seen as a symbol of the cooperation and friendship between the two nations during the intensely difficult period of the war, and have since come to symbolise their owners, two of the most important figures of the twentieth century.

Today, our talented artist Mary has started colour testing our Churchill globe.  This is a lengthy process, creating various washes and layers of paint to get the perfect ocean shade, then working on coastal lines, borders and lakes.  It’s these intricate details, that make each globe we create a unique and individual piece.

Our Churchill is modelled on the original globe (pictured above with Winston Churchill)  in terms of appearance and geographical, demographic detail. It combines the techniques used in the production of its original with the durability of modern construction. The sizeable globe sits in a circular base, and is supported by a series of multi-directional bearings which allow it to be turned with a satisfying motion.  In addition we have plotted all 936 World Heritage Sites, as well as informative and geographical features including the highest mountains, the largest deserts and country populations – offering an exciting read.  We are currently designing a beautiful book, detailing the construction of the Churchill, with a more in depth look at its factual history and craftsmanship.

For prices and more information please contact us at

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