The Two of Wands

As more blogs pop up daily sharing our globes, we continue to enjoy the various stories they bring. Never did we expect to see ourselves in The Tarot Room but what a lovely entry it is…

SO.. on this Monday afternoon we give you the Two of Wands… which serves as a reminder to look at the big picture and to figure out what it is that really matters in your life. To fresh starts and taking action… and when you are ready you’ll need that globe to help map out your course 😉


To see the video mentioned click here.

I’d Give You The World…

With London gearing up for what seems to be another week of gorgeous summer weather, it seems insane to start thinking about Christmas and Hanukkah…. BUT… as our first enquiries start coming in, we ourselves are thinking we should consider planning ahead for once as well? Or perhaps at least start dropping hints.

Anyway… we are pleased to say we can offer free engraving on all festive orders and if you order early enough we can chat about doing super personalised bespoke orders (make it truly your world ay ay).

Globes make for a wonderful present for your boss, a bonus for senior management, personal gift for anyone well-travelled or something the person who ‘has everything’ doesn’t have. The Mini Desk Globes are a needed accessory for a fine desk, while the Classic Globes are a must have for anyone with a library. Both small and large Globes are just perfect for those who appreciate one-off and handmade items.

Choose your colour scheme, whether you prefer a modern or classic design, think of a inscription to add, which base you prefer.. and wallah best and most impressive – thought through – personalised gift – EVER.

We ship around the world. For more information on engraving, designing your own globe and shipping time and costs please contact us on or phone + 44(0) 20 8800 7235.


The Globemaker Vimeo Spreads Around The World!

Since Vimeo kindly chose us as a Staff Pick and put us on their front page (as well as tweeting their 121,855 followers gasp) the video Peter Bellerby – The Globemaker has spread far and wide. We are up to 35,500 views!! We are humbled by the response and positive feedback.

The short film has been shared on twitter over 100 times. It has been written about by Huh. MagazineDevour.comThe Worlds Best, South Africa’s Cherry FlavaThe Documentary NetworkMental FlossArtnau, Little Green Footballs,
Curiosités de Titam (for our French readers), and the brilliantly named Socks on an Octopus in New York to name a few. Wahhay.


Dubbed! Il Fascino Peculiare Dei Mappamondi

We had a little visit at the studio from RSI La 1 and the great Head of Map Collections – Peter Barber from The British Library – to talk about what they dubbed…. the peculiar charm of globes.

Click to watch us on Swiss-Italian TV!


Sneak Peek :: The Big Egg Hunt :: New York City :: Easter 2014

We are excited again to be part of the Big Egg Hunt. This time it is in one of our very favourite cities … New York!

Progress is already underway at Bellerby & Co and we think it is looking gorgeous.


The eggs sold at auction raise a lot of money for Action for Children – and The Elephant Family.

Check out – and we will update you again with details in the new year!

Globemakers TV Debut

Check out our Curve globe from the 80 Series, which was requested on set with none other than the legendary Sir David Attenborough on the Alan Titchmarsh show on ITV (A UK chat show).  You can really see the size and scale of the piece sitting next to the two gents. And by the way, how amazing is Sir DA? We just want him to be our adopted grandad, and tell us stories for hours.  Wonder if he can be swayed with globe bribes….Image

Womack is Back!

Bobby Womack I thought, I know that name, but who…?

A quick google search taught me of his chart topping hits, covering R&B, Rock and Roll, Doo Wop, Country and Gospel genres; various recording sessions spanning 40 years with probably as many famous names.

Behind the glitz Bobby ‘Robert’ Womack was the lead singer of his 60s family soul and gospel band The Valentinos; proteges of Sam Cooke, who Womack later joined as guitarist; as well as musical stints with Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley and Sly Stone.  Sources tell me that he “created the body work of classic soul”, and is often referred to as the most under-appreciated giant of Seventies Soul. Well by now I’m pretty impressed and feeling a little silly that as a mid-twenties Londoner with an awareness for many music genres and artists, I wasn’t instantly aware of this soul legend. In 2009 Bobby was rightly inducted to the Rock and Roll Music Hall of Fame.

This is all lovely stuff, but what does it have to do with Bellerby Globemakers you ask?

At 68 years old, Womack has not finished his business with the music industry just yet – 2012 sees the release of his highly anticated album “The Bravest Man in the Universe” (to be released in June on XL)  It features collaborations with Damon Albarn, Lana Del Ray and  XL Recordings’ Richard Russell.  Bobby is back.  He came to our North London studios a month ago where he shot some fantastic photos for his album artwork. (Spot our globes in the background!)


After hearing the very recent news surrounding Womack’s health, our thoughts and prayers are with him at this hard time.  We wish you a speedy recovery Bobby, it was wonderful to meet you. Here’s a few photos from the shoot, where let’s admit it, he’s looking pretty cool.

Art Direction by Sam and Arthur.   Photographs by Jamie-James Medina.

His first single from the album “Please forgive my heart” is just beautiful, and it’s available for free on XL Recordings website here.